I am a freelance sysadmin, DevOps (whatever that means to anyone) guy, puppet “expert” (at least that’s what people buy me for, sometimes) and a wannabe blogger.

I try to blog about the things I do, mainly so I don’t forget them. And so others can read them, learn, solve their problems, or just admire my awesome writing (sarcasm intended). Or so people who think of hiring me can get an idea about how work and tick.

I also used to do Java development, do Python development, and secretly want to get into RailsEmber.js and nodeJS because I think web development kinda rocks. (Unfortunately I really have no clue whatsoever right now and I am a *miserable* designer).

For a list of my freelance project activities, please go see the “projects” page on this blog, whereas my public GitHub activity can also be seen on my GitHub profile.

If anybody dislikes anything on here, or wants to talk to me about something, those are the options: